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JJ Abrams announced this week in a brief interview with the Hollywood media that he is officially committed to directing the next Star Trek film. Of particular interest among his comments is the fact that he explicitly stated that Bad Robot is focusing on trying to to get the story right to be appealing to the fans. Those of us who are particularly interested in the Vulcans and their language and culture will be hoping that those themes are at least touched upon in the next film considering the devastating loss of their world in 2009.

Click the image below to see the full story in English.

Ki’starpa’shal Dzhei Dzhei Eibramz bai’pen-na’akashan k’hitrasu t’Halliwud nash-trof ta toyehting ki’kugal na’lof khartau thurai-dvuperuv t’weizehl t’Star-Trek. Wa’ma veh tatayan-set’ko ik svi’tuhskaya t’ish-veh nam-tor kla-min ik rik’ond’ohan afsakal ta i’thakau Bahd Robat na’ta provulau fereik-tor n’dan-rom-var ik wa’kup-ma vaya’akas na’vaikausutra. I’rok-tor etek ik wa’ma set’ko na’Vuhlkantra eh gen-lis heh iyula t’au ta dungi-yaretau veh ish-ong vah tapan-tor n’Va’Pak svi’2009 wa.

Estuhl’voh glakuv ne’la na’lof glantau ovsot-var bai’Eingelsu.

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  1. SGM (Plumps) says:

    Whoa, even with pronunciation examples. And what a pace – extraordinary! It sounds wonderful. Keep up the good – and I’m sure thorough – work. 😉

  2. T'Laina says:

    Maut vaksurik. Taurauk zhu-tor starun Vuhlkansu.. Th’i-oxalra.
    – T’Laina

  3. I am searching a site for a Common Phrases in Vulcansu. Are we to see one in the future? Thank you so much for the work that you are doing.

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