Uzh-rarav s’T’Prion — A New Song from T’Prion

We hope that you will enjoy this new song created by T’Prion. She would be happy to discuss it with you in the Forum. Rok-tor etek ta sanoi nash uzh-rarav ik ki’fereik-tor T’Prion. Dungi olau ish-veh kunli pa’ta paribau k’kanok-veh svi’Shi’svatorai.

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8 Responses to Uzh-rarav s’T’Prion — A New Song from T’Prion

  1. Kaisular says:

    You sing very well. I hear Golic spoken so rarely

  2. CharlieW_V_Goethe says:


  3. Sidzhan says:

    Uralaun heh ha’gel-tanaf — maut vaksurik. Nam-tor nash-veh itar-bosh ta ki’vuhrgwal dular nash-fereikan k’etek. Briht’uhn — nam-tor zhitlar svi’Zun n’zhitlar t’uralaya ha. Dungi nufau du n’au la svi’zukitan Roman ha — na’lof orenaun.


    • Briht’uhn says:

      Wa’itaren — oSidzhan

      Wa’sanoi ta sanoi. Ha — dang-pashif-tor ek’zhit-ves on vah uralaya eh kitaun. Malating kup nam-tor lafosh. Venk ik gluvau n’Roman-kitaun marom. Hi nam-tor is t’hiktra ik Zun na’lof oren-tor gad-skurin isha. Sos’eh kastorau n’weh-khar-orenaya ha.

      Dan-neruk —


  4. T'Mihn says:

    That song is amazing. Its mesmerizing. I need to point my friend to it so she can hear Golic being sung.
    Thank you for posting this.


  5. Sem-rik!

    I am currently writing a fanfiction that relies heavily on Vulcan culture and clan dynamics, and your website has been an incredible resource for me, both in terms of information and inspiration. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing work you have done in presenting such a wealth of knowledge and insight into my favorite facet of Trek culture.

    Truly, there are no words I can express to sum up how much your website has helped me in my continuing efforts to present my story as accurately as possible based on established lore.

    It has been quite a learning experience familiarizing myself with the intricacies of Vulcan speech, especially with so many levels of implied formality that are easily misunderstood without careful analysis. While I would consider myself a novice at this point, I look forward to learning more!


  6. T'Avri says:

    I failed to communicate this in my last comment, but oT’Prion’s song is absolutely stunning. Undeniably it is a testament to her creativity as well as linguistic ability. It has been inspirational to listen to and gives me a new insight into the Vulcan arts.

    You can almost feel the warmth of the desert wind caress your cheek….

    Cha’i t’naat, oT’Prion!

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