Long Overdue Update • Uzhaya Maut-tab-ma

Today, first of all, my apologies to all who are following things on Korsaya.org. I haven’t posted here for a very long time. There are many reasons for this. They could also be called “excuses”. But, there are two primary causes for my publishing tardiness. Let me tell you about both of them. They are only peripherally related to the Golic Vulcan language, but are relevant enough that I think you might find them interesting.

# 1 — I worked on the film Star Trek Into Darkness.

I consulted for JJ Abrams in the capacity of Klingon language instructor for Zoe and the other Klingons who were filmed on the Kronos set on the Sony lot in Cluver City, California. I was also on set for much of the filming — specifically when lines of dialogue were being spoken in Klingon by anyone. I’m credited in the film as a “language consultant” and you can also observe me in our ad hoc “classroom” in front of a white board and speaking with Zoe and Sean on set in some of the bonus features that were released on blu-ray media in the US on 11 September, 2013. All of the work I did for the production occurred in the late winter and spring of 2012. My contract specifically forbid me from talking in any way about the production, so I laid very low regarding xenolinguistics on Korsaya.org in part due to this factor.

Britton Watkins Star Trek Into Darkness Language Consultant

# 2 — I’m currently co-producing another film with my husband, Josh Feldman, who is the film’s director. We co-wrote it and I assisted him in shooting it over a period of a total of 14 days in and around San Francisco and Sonoma Co., California.

It has nothing to do with Star Trek, but it is science fiction and it does feature a constructed language which is featured on screen pervasively during the film in its written form. The film is called Senn. You can see more information about it by clicking either of the images below. I feel that this film would very much appeal to Vulcans. It’s contemplative and philosophical. I encourage you to check it out and if what you see appeals to you, please LIKE the project on Facebook if you are on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, but would like to keep informed, you can sign up to receive the newsletter HERE on the film’s main website.

Alien writing from Senn

Bed shot from the sci-fi film SENN

I continue to provide the ZUN font to several people on average each week and though it is still technically in beta, I have received few reports of issues with it, so please feel free to request it from me via traditional e-mail at skladan ‹at› korsaya ‹dot› org if you are interested in having it.

Peace and long life to you and all of those whom you hold dear —

Britton Watkins Star Trek Into Darkness Language Consultant

Alien writing from Senn

Bed shot from the sci-fi film SENN

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4 Responses to Long Overdue Update • Uzhaya Maut-tab-ma

  1. Sidzhan says:

    oBriht’uhn —

    Sem-rik — ar’kadan t’du na’on-ha’gel-dud t’ai’ve. Tizh-tor nash-veh orenan pa’veshtayalar t’du eh tan-tor n’du nenikaya. Istau ta vesht kup nash-veh tishau <> svi’Facebook hi ri ma nash-veh ses’i. Istau nash-veh na’du navun. Vesht feriek-tor n’ralash-tanaf na'<> vi. Vutau na’kashek ish-veh ralash-tanaf t’Brian Eno il Harold Budd. :)

    Skladan svi’Zun — mau-wak fereik-tor. Vaksurik. Dungi prah nash-veh veshtaya svi’telvan t’ish-veh.


  2. Briht’uhn says:

    oSidzhan —

    Sanoi ta sanoi nash-vellar. Ki’fereik-tor telsu ik Djosh t’nash-veh ralash-tanaf s’tveshu s’Ravel. Wimish rarav >Gaspar t’Mu’yor< ik >Gaspard de la Nuit< spo’gen-lis t’Frans t’Terra. Khinik, ri ki’rubai n’ish-veh spo’sva’kuhz t’Dzhosh s’torperan t’ish-veh. K’malat, nam-tor saga-ves ovsot. Cha’i t’klem s’Briht’uhn

  3. Tmynn says:

    That sounds like a very busy schedule. As long as you are happy and enjoy what you are doing, all the better.
    I have been busy myself.
    I still require more work at being able to read Ogen on sight whether it is the englishised version or the font. My brain still goes.”What the???” I’m far better at speaking this stuff. 😀

  4. T'Sol says:


    So glad to finally hear from you! I was beginning to worry, but with an excuse like that, I can hardly blame you! How wonderful to take part in the latest film!
    Glad all is well!


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