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korsaya [kor.ˈsa.ja], n., conservation, preservation: rescue from harm, danger, or loss; keeping something safe in a preserved and accessible condition; safeguard; preventing the waste or loss of something.

The graphic title reads “Vokau oT’Khasi”, which in FSE roughly means “Remember (Our) Honored Planet Vulcan”. Information on the Vulcan writing used on this site is available here.

Korsaya.org is dedicated to the preservation of Vulcan culture and language during the tragic forced diaspora of the children of the lost planet in the post-T’Khasi era. All inquisitive sentient beings are welcome here. Any respectful communication is appreciated in Vulcan dialects or Federation Standard. Central topics will focus on the the teaching and discussion of the endangered languages, arts, and restoration of the vanished world’s indigenous species. May the surviving children of T’Khasi Live Long and Prosper!

Ki’pu-afer-tor Korsaya.org na’korsaya t’iyula eh t’gen-lis T’Khasi du’eik-beshan nemuyauk heh punekwitaik t’kan t’paki-ek’tra na’pal t’po-T’Khasi. La’pafarmah shai-opulik ek’osu mikatik. Wa’aitaren fan-sviribaya dor-yehat fna’gen-vuhnaya T’Khasi il Teraya-Eingelsu. Dungi thakau nen-navel na’saven heh paribaya t’vitehvaral-gen-lislar heh tanaf heh korsaya t’salat-koshtri t’paki-panu. Kal-tor dif-tor heh smusma rishik kanlar t’oT’Khasi..

All of the Vulcan writing systems introduced here are creative extrapolations from canonical sources. Specifically the glyphs are inspired by the designs of Michael Okuda and Robert Fletcher, but unlike the “purely graphical” approaches of these Star Trek design icons, these glyphs can be used to phonetically render spoken Vulcan and they are optimized for the Golic Dialect, which is based primarily on purely canonical sources. Questions are welcomed.

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