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El’ru-kitaun • Vulcan Handwriting

Very few non-Vulcans are familiar with Vulcan handwriting. It is one of the first things taught to Vulcan children in their formal education, but other than the context of private contemplation, there is very little need to write by hand … Continue reading

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Nenik Pi-zhit-bal • Basic Phrases

This article will introduce many basic words and phrases in Restoration Vulcan Oekufunan-gen (commonly ogen). This dialect is based on Golic Vulcan, but with several logical modifications to make it as efficient and universal as possible. The goal of this … Continue reading

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Kunli-ro’fori • Good News

Recently I was able to make contact with Selek who is the administrator of the VLD, which is the most important dictionary for the Vulcan languages. He has kindly agreed to include new vocabulary from this site in his as … Continue reading

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Wa’na’shau n’Kanok-veh..

La’pafarmah odu.. is dedicated to the preservation of Vulcan culture and language during the tragic forced diaspora of the children of the lost planet in the post-T’Khasi era. All inquisitive sentient beings are welcome here. Any respectful communication is … Continue reading

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