Vulcan Font Update • Uzhaya t’Hiktra ik Zun

Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to test Zun. Pre-release version 7.2 has been sent to you. Please let me know via a mail to skladan •at• korsaya •dot• org if you have not received it yet via e-mail.

Thank you again and if you would like to join the testing group now for the first time, please request a package at the address above.

Wa’itaren na’kanok-veh ik ki’shetal rivlidalsu na’nisan t’Zun. Ki’pusatal fe-toyeht uzhaya ik 7.2 na’du. Kuv wiri ki’lasha — sanu — ro’fah’voh fna’raf-ar’kada-sakat na’ skladan •na’• korsaya •sfek• org.

Itaren va’ashiv heh kuv sanoi ta i’shetau uzh-kisu t’nissutra — sanu — ya’akash’voh fna’mestaya-yut abru’la.

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16 Responses to Vulcan Font Update • Uzhaya t’Hiktra ik Zun

  1. T-Mynn says:

    Hello everyone,

    o’Briht’uhn, I’ve sent you an e-mail correspondance about ZUN 7.2, and it looks great. I only wish the font can transfer into this space.

    Great job on the font Brith’uhn. Its a wonderful project.

    dif tor-heh smusma

  2. Briht’uhn says:


    Marom venk ik kup la’is-tor n’Zun svi’nash-shi hi nemuyauk iyi-ek’mishan bovik t’Terra ri-hiyet nuh’ping pa’abuli-kitaya-torektra na’lof fitor.

    What an excellent idea regarding using Zun here on the site, but sadly current everyday Terran technology falls a bit too short in terms of vertical writing systems to implement it.

    I’m so glad that you’re getting some use out of it otherwise, though, and I very much appreciate your comments and assistance with the beta-testing.

    Wa’itaren va’ashiv..


  3. T'Mynn says:


    Wa’itaren va’ashiv. Your words honour me. I’m here to serve, if you require more merely ask.

    Did tor-heh smusma.


  4. T-Mynn says:

    sochya en dif. I:ve been thinking about writing systems that might be able to handle t’zun’s vertical orientation. Why not use the Chinese or Japanese coding. I don’t know if it’s a software encoding for the keyboard or the computer.

    What is your opinion?

    Dif tor-heh smusma.

    • Briht’uhn says:

      oT’Mynn —

      I assumed that the vast majority of the font’s user base would not have access to software that can lay out Japanese and/or Chinese text. Also, both of those are locked into a top to bottom & RIGHT to LEFT orientation. Vulcan is not. It also occurs top to bottom and LEFT to RIGHT.

      Your idea is not a bad one, and if there is a big need it is possible for me to create a different version, but I would only do that if the user base can demonstrate that it would make things much easier for them.

      Does that make sense?


  5. T-Mynn says:

    Wa’itaren. I’m pleased you considered my idea,and your logic is sound. If the need isn’t there to produce the program,why do so unless it’s merely an academic pursuit. Maybe present the question to current user,see what the response is,and go from there. I’m learning much from your responses in Golic Vulcanand English, which aids in me getting used to sentence syntax, and actually trying to formulate words in Golic.
    Dif tor-heh smusma

  6. T-Mynn says:

    Thank you for sharing all this knowledge.

  7. Sidzhan says:

    oBriht’uhn —

    Rok-tor nash-veh ta ma tu rom-muhl’es.

    Ki’aitlun nash-veh ya’akash — feirek-tor du bikuv abru’la? Saudau Seleya nam-tor na’los’rak. Nam-tor n’kahr na’gas’rak ra? Maut-vaksurik.

    Sochya na’tu,

    • Briht’uhn says:


      Cha’i t’klem. Ha. Ki’fereik-tor nash-veh sa’awek. Nam-tor nash-kahr glenon-li-fal goh. Sos’eh nam-tor vi’le-eshan ShiKahr.

  8. hikikomorihime says:

    In case no one knows yet: It does work in GIMP.
    I am using the font to create flashcards for language learning on StudyDroid

  9. Stephen Beets says:

    Hi there. I have a question, two actually. First, where can I get a copy of this “Zun” font you feature here? And second, is the font free or will I be forced to pay for it? Please respond ASAP. Thank you.

    • Briht’uhn says:

      I never force anyone to do anything. That is not in the nature of how I relate to other people.

      ZUN is still available to anyone who requests to beta test it and may be used in that capacity for any non-commercial purpose. You can request it by sending an e-mail to skladan /at/ korsaya /dot/ org.

      I am very curious why you are in such a tremendous hurry to obtain it, and I suppose, somewhat flattered.

      ZUN is not commercially available at this time through any marketplace or other distribution mechanism.

      • Stephen Beets says:

        Thank you so much for your honesty and patience. I live in and come from a world where my people are quickly losing their ability to reason. I have grown rather despondent and unhappy with my life and I can’t seem to find my “real” purpose for being here. I’m something of a loner with a cynical and pessimistic view on life. I frequently assume there to be no job or woman mate and it gets me down a lot. I feel like I can’t do anything. Maybe this is illogical, I don’t know. But thank you for your response.

        My “reason” for wanting a copy of this font is I like to collect a variety of off-the-wall things and I like the scripts of some of my planet’s foreign languages and I also like to speculate on what an extraterrestrial language might look like. I try to collect things like fonts so I can have these things for my personal enjoyment.

        Sometimes, I’ll use these fonts to make flags or other things non-commercial in nature. Usually though, I just like the script, how it looks, and I want to have the ability to type words in the script of my choice. I guess that’s the best explanation I can give you for why I want a copy of your font. I try to look for certain fonts so I can have a decent example of the script I’m curious about. But that can be challenging at best and I frequently don’t get what I think I’m looking for.

        Thanks again and I’ll send a “beta request” to your inbox at my earliest convenience.

  10. Email request sent.

    Hopefully, this project is still ongoing, as I would very much like to feature it on a 3D model of a Vulcan-registry cargo pod carrier I am designing called the Yar-Kur Gad-Keshtan (Green Dawn in Federation Standard)…

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