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I am frequently asked if I create the Vulcan writing examples here using ‘a font’. Up until now, my answer has always been “No, but something’s coming.” Well, it has come.

Zun is a cross-platform TrueType font for Vulcan (specifically Golic Vulcan written in the standard (not calligraphic) style).

I am looking for beta-testers. If you know a lot about typography, or just about computers in general and are willing to test and report on any issues you find, please let me know via a mail to skladan •at• korsaya •dot• org.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

K’ashiv pudeshkau na’nash-veh —°Fereik-tor du kitaya-li-fal ik la’gla-tor veh fna’hiktra ha.° Abi’i ki’kilko-tor kwon-sum — °Rai. Hi dungi sarlah ein-kilkaya.° Dom, ki’sarlah i.

Nam-tor Zun mes-skaf-hiktra spo’Tru-Taip na’Gol-Vuhlkansu spo’gotavlu-zukitaun-kuhz ¦ri kuhz t’vanu-tanaf-kitaun¦.

I’naglazhau nash-veh ten-mal-nissu. Kuv ma tu tren t’hiktra il t’tum-vel paing goh eh sanoi ta nis-tor heh na’shikhau pa’fan-wat ik tal-tor, sanu — ro’fah’voh fna’raf-ar’kada-sakat na’ skladan •na’• korsaya •sfek• org.

Itaren n’set’ko fa’ong.

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19 Responses to A New Vulcan Font • Uzh-Hiktra

  1. T-Mynn says:

    E-mail request for font file.

  2. T-Mynn says:

    Dif tor-heh smusa o’s’Briht’uhn,

    I’m working on installing the TTF. So far no luck. I cannot get it write Vulcan text. Please instruct on the installation path you used for your computer.

    Dif tor-heh smusma.

    • Briht’uhn says:


      I use a Mac. I simply open FontBook and install by “Add new font…” it and it immediately begins showing up. I cannot provide support knowledge of this nature for any system other than Mac. There is nothing special about the font. You should use the standard procedures for your operating system, whatever that is. The font should work on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

      I’m not going to provide this level of support here via these comments. It would be too distracting to other site visitors who are not beta-testing Zun. Please e-mail me directly or even better, visit the section in the Forum that I just created for this type of question if you prefer. I’m happy to deal with it via the Forum area as best I can.


  3. Surok says:

    I am exceedingly willing to be a beta-tester; however, I am just your typical computer user. But I have a Dell Computer, and I would love to see if I could get it to work!
    Dif-tor heh Smusma

    • Briht’uhn says:


      Sanoi ta ma tu set’ko na’gol’nev isha.

      It seems pretty clear that there is an incompatibility with Microsoft Word now on Windows that is going to require that I do some significant work on it. Do you have some word processor or layout software other than Word or Wordpad? For example OpenOffice? If so, I will send you the testing package as soon as you respond to this comment.

      Itaren fa’ong.


      • Surok says:

        I don’t think that I do. I believe that the only word processing system that I have is the typical Microsoft Office ones and Wordpad.

        • Briht’uhn says:

          It may be a waste of your time at this point then. Shall I send it when I’ve created a update that is supposed to help with the issues on Word and Wordpad?

          • Surok says:

            Of Course you can! I would be most pleased to see it, to help, and to be able to type in Vulcan. I am exceedingly, and logically, excited. :)

  4. T'Mynn says:

    It is installed and looks wonderful. I may have to change the document formatting so it will exdent properly. That is with my document not the font.

    How does this appear to you?

    dif tor-heh smumsa

    Ahh it appears the font doesn’t cut/paste too well from Open office to this chat box. However it DOES transfer seamlessly from Open Office document to the e-mail or another document.

  5. Paul Jones says:

    I’m willing to to beta-test the font.

    • Briht’uhn says:


      Please e-mail me at skladan —at— korsaya —dot— org from the e-mail address to which you want the testing package sent. I’ll get it to you as soon as I can.

      Itaren fa’ong.
      (Thanks in advance.)


  6. T'Zehl says:


    Is this TTF compatible with a standard Mac OS?


  7. Jefftroll-sama says:

    I am just starting to try to learn Vulcan and I am quite finding it very interesting, (though I’m not a Trekkie).
    I find the intricacies of Vulcan’s written language mesmerizing. I want to test the font, if u want me to. (i would like to request for the font file.)
    let me know if this line goes well and proper.

    vesht dungi tishau ki’neshukfi’ t’nash-veh wadi nash-veh.

    • Briht’uhn says:

      oDzhef —

      Sanoi ta sanoi Gol-gen-lis. I’m pleased that you like the Golic language.

      I’m happy to provide you with a copy of the font, ZUN, but please request it by sending an e-mail to skladan /at/ korsaya /dot/ org. That way I know I’ll be sending it to the correct e-mail address. I assume from the component parts of your sentence: “vesht dungi tishau ki’neshukfi’ t’nash-veh wadi nash-veh.” that you are referring to a positive attitude toward getting or having gotten a tattoo, but the context is not completely clear to me. I’m happy to discuss that via e-mail at the address provide above as well. To say “I am interested in getting a tattoo for myself”, I suggest: I’ma nash-veh set’ko pa’wadi-neshuk na’sha’wadi. ( “now’have this-one interest regarding’skin-ink for’(my)own’skin.” )

  8. Zach says:

    I am a Total computer geek! I would love to test this!

  9. Alex Cox says:

    Requesting font file.

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