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Author Topic: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
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Post Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: April 12, 2014, 07:10

I made this Topic to explain how the song >Nam-tor i’wak tuhs-yut t’on< was born.
As soon as I found, I remained fascinated by the project and offered to volunteer. Briht’uhn had the idea of me writing and singing a song in Golic Vulcan, which inspired me very much.

The first thought and image I had thinking of this song was T’Khasi and the dark empty space following its destruction, and I thought of a voice coming from this space, the voice of a people searching for a new home.
Then I considered the root of Vulcan civilization: Logic brought by Surak. A particular phrase by him echoed in my mind >Nam-tor wak yut s’vesht na’fa’wak heh pla’rak. Nam-tor i’wak tuhs-yut t’on< (Time is the path toward future and backward. Present is the crossroads of both). I thought that this concept matches much the present situation of our people. So I decided to build my song on this- making it the first and last phrase- also to remind of the circle of time as expressed in the first part of the phrase that is not in the song.
I started by exploring the past, T’Khasi, recording the image of it vanishing in the deep dark space- the desert that shaped the Vulcan’s strength and physiology. The desert of T’Khasi, heat, lack of water, allowed its people to become strong in order to survive in those hard conditions.
Then I recorded the many lost brothers and sisters, a numerous people that became only a few- and the fact that what was lost could never be fully recovered- but then I considered the present under the light of the Vulcan philosophy, Logic that should guide like a star to avoid losing our path in this hard time.
I considered that T’Khasi was not only a world, but a people. A planet is a living being so we can even think that it has a soul which can survive in its people (this thought comes also from a fanfic I wrote a few weeks ago- which will be published soon)
Vulcan Philosophy, Science and Art are a mirror to Mount Seleya and the Academy of Sciences- places that saw people growing and evolving remain alive in the people itself.
As I used the image of the deep dark space to record the destruction of T’Khasi, I used it again to express that the Vulcan Spirit will arise in this space- I also used the same musical phrase.
Then I considered the future, the search for a new home, still born from the experience of the past and T’Khasi itself, but that can become even greater.

I think that actually this concept can match many events of life. Past is gone, whether it was happy or sad, but the future is what we make of it, from our actions and choices in the present moment.

As for the music, it was born and shaped from the text, its sounds, rhythm, meaning. The tone of Fa min came naturally too and matched my voice. I sing in many languages, but Golic Vulcan is the Language I prefer singing in, because of its particular pronunciation.

Feel free to post any comment or question you may have.

Ki’fereik-tor nash-veh nash’ong na’lof danau uf kital nash-veh n’rarav >Nam-tor i’wak tuhs-yut t’on<
Vah ak vah vesht tal-tor nash-veh n’ - hafal nash-veh semyanik s’ar’tu eh nufal nash-veh vah rivlidalsu. Vesht ma Briht’uhn venk na’nash-veh kitaun heh uralaun rarav svi’Gol Vuhlkansu – ik vesht vi’le-esh-tor n’nash-veh mau.

Vesht nam-tor T’Khasi eh mu’gel herbosh-stukh ik vesht zahal-tor n’vashaya t’ish-veh n’wuh-rak nahp heh glakuv ik vesht ma nash-veh lu vesht nah-tor nash-veh fi’rarav – Vesht nah-tor nash-veh n’spes ik sarlah s’stukh – spes t’koshtri ik pstha na’uzh-ha-kel.
Thu vesht panah-tor nash-veh n’gir t’Vuhlkansu sutenivaya – Ozhika katal s’Surak – wa’vesht vavuh pi-zhit-bal s’ish-veh svi’kashek t’nash-veh >Nam-tor wak yut s’vesht na’fa’wak heh pla’rak. Nam-tor i’wak tuhs-yut t’on< Vesht nah-tor nash-veh ta’pashif-tor nash-rata mau n’la-wak t’koshtri t’etek. Dom klopal nash-veh na’torvau rarav fi’ish-veh – kitaun n’ish-veh vah wuh-rak heh kim-pi-zhit-bal – isha na’lof vokau n’da-kuv t’wak ik satiben wuh-rak krus t’pi-zhit-bal t’Surak – ik ri nam-tor svi’rarav.
Palikal nash-veh k’paglayaren t’vesht – T’Khasi – vokaun n’glakuv t’ish veh sasaudan svi’mu’gel glu-stukh – eshikh ik kushizal karik’es heh is-lof-tal t’Vuhlkansular. Vesht kal-tor eshikh t’T’Khasi - k’falek heh masu-fam solektra – n’koshtri t’ish-veh na’shetau karik na’lof rish-tor svi’aifa lerash-nosh.
Thu vokal nash-veh paki-sa-kai eh ko-kai – suk-su’suth koshtri ik shetal goh zamu – eh kla-min ik worla dungi vestau etek n’paki-ek’vel – hi thu vesht panah-tor nash-veh n’la-wak ne’ha’gel t’ven-dol-tar Vuhlkansu – Ozhika ik dang kakhartau vah yel na’lof pretenamau n’pak t’yut t’etek svi’nash-lerash-wak.
Vesht panah-tor nash-veh ta’ ri nam-tor T’Khasi goh panu – hi koshtri. Nam-tor ek’tra n’kaha’kiv-hasu dom ruhm kup nah-tor etek ta’ma ish-veh katra ik kup rish-tor svi’koshtri t’ish-veh |Sarlah nash-nahp s’var ik kital nash-veh zam-wak vesh heh ik dungi nam-tor la’ka-yehat ak|
Nam-tor Ven-dol-tar – Ek’tal heh Tanaf Vuhlkansu haulat t’Vai-Seleya eh t’Shi Oren T’ek Tallar – shi ik vesht gla-tor to’ovaya eh wakrubaya t’koshtri – hafau kaha’kiv svi’koshtri t’au.
Vah vesht is-tor nash-veh glakuv t’mu’gel glu-stukh na’lof vokau vashaya t’T’Khasi – vesht is-tor nash-veh va’ashiv na’lof satiben ta’ dungi shetor tam’a Vuhlkansu svi’nash-stukh – vesht is-tor nash-veh ka-pi-zhit-tal t’ralash-tanaf isha.
Thu vesht panah-tor nash-veh n’fa-wak – psthan na’uzh-ha-kel – pukeshta s’veshtaya eh s’oT’Khasi – hi ik kup shetau ruhm weh-lo’uk.

Nah-tor nash-veh ta’ kup pashif-tor nash-rata wehk-pavek t’ha’kiv. Ki’hal-tor vesht – kunli il nemuyauk – hi nam-tor fa-wak ra tor etek k’ish-veh – s’torai eh s’dvel svi’la-wak.

Pukeshta eh kushizhal ralash-tanaf s’zhit – ralash - farr-dath – tvah. Vesht sarlah shai-molu t’F min isha – ik pashif-tor n’spes t’nash-veh. Uralau nash-veh svi’wehk-gen-lis hi nam-tor Gol Vuhlkansu n’gen-lis ik uralau nash-veh dan-rom – na’salasharaya t’ish-veh.

Sanoi – hau-voh nahp heh deshker t’dular la.

Dif-tor heh smusma

Posts: 519
Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: May 16, 2014, 05:51

Pulal glanum weh do 500 zanaya nash-gad -

Panah-tor nash-veh ta' ri kital nash-veh n'zhitanaf fan-wilat svi'svatorai t'etek - dom nam-tor au la -

Nam-tor i’wak tuhs-yut t’on
Ki’sasaudal T’Khasi - ha-kel t’etek
Ri dungi fator lateh etek
Svi’ fal-eshikh
Ik ki’kushizhal n’karik’es t’koshtri
I’nam-tor eifa ik vesht wimish
sa-kai eh ko-kai k’etek tevik
I’nam-tor etek goh zamu
Yed vesht nam-tor etek suk’su’uth.
Nam-tor pak t’etek masuk
Heh dungi va’prah ri-wilat oT’Khasi
Wi fa’dan-fa-shi
I’bolau she-tor yut t’Ozhika
U’yel ik kakhartau svi’mu-yor.
Dif-tor T’Khasi svi’katra t’etek
Heh kal-tor ha’au tam’a t’ish-veh svi’etek.
Katra t’etek oslauvoskaf t’Vai-Seleya
Kashek t’etek Shi’Oren t’Ek’Tallar
Svi’yellar dungi tal-tor etek uzh-ha-kel
Ik pukeshta s’oT’khasi—wi weh-lo’uk—
Dungi rish-tor heh she-tor Ozhika t’etek
Ki’hal-tor vesht irak
Heh nam-tor fa-wak svi’el’ru t’etek
Nam-tor i’wak tuhs-yut t’on

The Video reached more than 500 views today!

I considered that I didn't write the lyrics anywhere in our Forum, so here they are:

The present is the crossroads of both...
Vanished has T’Khasi, our home
In the deep dark space.
No more shall we walk
In the burning desert
That shaped our people’s strength
Dead are those we once called brothers and sisters
Only few are we now
While we were a numerous species
Huge is our loss.
And nothing ever shall replace T’Khasi
Yet more than ever
The ways of Logic need to shine
Like a guiding star in the night.
T’Khasi still lives in our souls
And its Spirit inhabits each of us.
Our hearts are altars of Sacred Mount Seleya,
Our minds are the halls of the Academy of Sciences
A new home we shall find among the stars.
Born from T’Khasi yet mightier and greater
Our Logic shall survive and shine again in the deep dark space
Past is far gone and the future is in our hands
Present is the crossroads of both

Dif-tor heh smusma

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Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: May 16, 2014, 14:34

oT'Prion --

Wa'itaren. Vesht aitlu nash-veh ya'akash ta kitau odu n'zhitanaf la. Ken-tor zamu n'Ogen nash-gad. Dungi pulau odu n'weh-sular k'nash-tikap. Nam-tor zhitlar t'odu maut vi'le-eshan-bosh.

Thank you! I wanted to ask that you write the lyrics here. Few understand Ogen today. You'll reach more people this way. Your words are very inspirational.

PS. I particularly like the repetition of the opening line at the end. It's very effective in poetry/lyrics for emphasis. Also, although I'm capable of translating the Ogen, I was having difficulty finding the time to screen-capture the lyrics in the video and to work out the Zun (but I was prepared to do it!) Thank you for saving me a lot of time. I'm confident that you'll receive comments now. :)

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Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: May 17, 2014, 13:04

oSidzhan --

Nam-tor nash-veh sanoyalik ta'tishau du n'zhitanaf t'nash-veh.
Vesht vi'le-esh-tor kitaya t'du fi'Surak n'krus t'nash-rarav.

I am pleased that you like the lyrics.
Your writings about Surak inspired part of this song.

Dif-tor heh smusma

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Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: May 22, 2014, 05:54

Nam-tor shi'yavekh na'var ik kital nash-veh heh ik vesht vi'le-esh-tor n'nash-veh na'kitau ein-krus t'rarav -

Here is the link to the fanfic I wrote which inspired me to write some part of the song:

Dif-tor heh smusma

Posts: 519
Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: May 27, 2014, 05:57

Tishau wehk-sular n'rarav - heh ar'kada nash-veh na'fereik-tor vath-raravlar.
Sanoi - vuhrgwau'voh fan-venk ik lau ma tular fi'uzh-raravlar kuv istau tular.

Many people like this song and I am working on creating more of them.
Please, share any idea you may have about new songs if you wish.

Dif-tor heh smusma

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Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: June 19, 2014, 08:34

Rarav t'odu wa'marom.. Sanu tor'voh n'weht..

The contrast between the outer calm of Sarek and the inner storm of his emotions apparent through Cpt. Picard (TNG) provide an interesting view into the mind of a Vulcan. This is the only idea I have at the present time, but perhaps it might give some inspiration. :)

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Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: June 19, 2014, 16:48

Nash-veh sanoyalik ta'tishau odu rarav t'nash-veh.
Nash-veh fi'arkadan k'vath-rarav ik var-tor na'wakrubaya t'koshtri Vuhlkansu. Nam-tor ish-veh wuh-rak na'weh-suk-ar'tu.

Tishau nash-veh n'venk t'odu isha. Lu nah-tor nash-veh fi'Vuhlkansular - panah-tor nash-veh malat t'au khrashik-zherka-bosh heh taluhk-nahr t'au na'tash-tor n'zherkalar. Pukeshta Ven-dol-tar Vuhlkansu s'nash-malat. Tal-tor nash-veh nash-nahp wa'set'ki - eh naglanshau nash-veh kashek t'nash-veh svi'ish-veh.

I am pleased that you like my song.
I am working at another song that tells about the evolution of the Vulcan people. It is the first of a bigger project.

I like also your idea. When I think of the Vulcan people, I consider their nature full of violent emotions and their valuable discipline to control emotions. Vulcan philosophy was born from this nature. I find this thought very interesting - and I recognize my own mind in it.

Dif-tor heh smusma

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Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: June 22, 2014, 12:27

Nash-veh teporilalik na'thurai-rarav t'odu. (I hope I got that right)
I am excited for your next song!

I am interested in Vulcan philosophy for similar reasons. Some human emotions can be counter-productive when in total control!

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Post Re: Nadordatoran naoTKhasi
on: June 22, 2014, 15:57

Nah-tor nash-veh ta'kital odu yeht.
I think that you wrote right.

Var-tor thurai-rarav t'nash-veh pa'wakrubaya t'Vuhlkantra - dungi ma ish-veh pohl-krus heh ralash-tanaf k'ka'athaira sva'au.
My next song tells about the evolution of the Vulcan people - it will have several parts and Vulcan Harp music between them.

Dif-tor heh smusma

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